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We are Monster Pet Supplies charity of the month!

Monster Pet Supplies have kindly nominated us as their Charity of the month through Febuary 2017!Monster pet supplies are an online pet shop based in ...


North Yorkshire Volunteer Network Meeting

Have you been wondering about how YOU could help Jerry Green Dog Rescue? Our North Yorkshire centre welcome you to our Volunteer Network Meeting on M...
18/03/2017 - North Yorkshire

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Kya is currently on assessment but will be ready for rehoming shortly. For more information about Kya please call the centre on 01652 653343.

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Dogs Needing Homes

Rehome a Dog

Our aim is to find the right home for each dog in our care. As a first step on the road to adoption, have a look at just some of the dogs at your local Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre.

It all began with Rusty

History of Jerry Green

Our founder Jerry Green was especially fond of his spaniel, Rusty, who died at the age of 14. The loss of his faithful friend inspired him to create a charity for dogs.

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

There are so many ways to help the dogs - fundraising, donations, legacies and sponsorships. Your support is always needed to enable us to continue caring for the hundreds of dogs who come in to our centres each year.

The Jerry Green Dog Rescue is registered under The Charities Act 1960 No 1155042

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