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Bobby, adopted from our Nottinghamshire Centre has settled in really well. He goes towork with his new mum everyday! Everyone loves him and he has bec...
19/12/2013 09:34 - Nottinghamshire

Dishy Deko

Hi Just wanted to update you on Deko, who we rescued 24th April 2012 from Broughton after over 6 months waiting for his forever home! This will ...
01/12/2013 16:43 - North Lincolnshire


Hi   Bailey is now Bella! She is doing fab! She is now a fully fledged stable dog and loves coming out riding with me and my horse. ...
22/11/2013 17:44 - North Lincolnshire

Poppy the Poppet

Hi, As promised here are a few photos of Poppy settling in to her new home. She's been an absolute poppet and no trouble really. Only had...
21/11/2013 20:52 - Nottinghamshire

Patchy Patch

   Hi there    Here's a photo of Patch. Patch was a cheeky little monkey that kept everyone at South Lincs on t...
19/11/2013 20:44 - South Lincolnshire

Domino does well

Hi I just thought you might like an update on Domino since we saw you at the open day in September.  Tonight he passed his Bronze Good Cit...
17/11/2013 21:38 - East Yorkshire

Zeus living the life

Hi I wanted to share this with you. Zeus was adopted by my friends Sue & Steve Bye from your Blidworth Notts Centre. He was in the res...
12/11/2013 20:26 - Nottinghamshire

Marley and Me

Marley settled in during the first hour in his new home with Jim being in the garden supervised.    Off lead was perfect and he ...
08/11/2013 19:53 - Nottinghamshire

Cassie's contentment

We got Cassie from Yorkshire Jerry Green when she was around four months. She will be 9 next week. We now live in Cumbria. She has health...
30/10/2013 20:38 - North Yorkshire

Poppy's peaceful life

POPPY This is Poppy; we got her about 5 years ago.  She was very nervous, poor thing; you had to keep her inside because she was nervous w...
29/10/2013 17:54

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