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Henry's Journey

South Lincs have some pictures of Henry the Westie on arrival at Jerry Green Centre and how he looks now. The original pictures were taken at ...
24/09/2013 21:35 - South Lincolnshire

Toffee tells how happy he is

TOFFEE VISIT Toffee (previously Bolt) the Jack Russell x Chihuahua was rehomed from N.Yorks last year and popped in to see us yesterday! His ow...
24/09/2013 13:27 - North Yorkshire

Pippa and her family

Hi Coming up to a week since Pippa joined our family :) The kids love her and she has just slotted in to our family; she has made a really...
21/09/2013 18:40 - Nottinghamshire

Tyson the Gentle Giant

Hi All at Jerry Green,   I thought I would drop you all an email about Tyson The German Shepherd I rehomed from you 3 years ago. ...
16/09/2013 22:30 - South Lincolnshire

Charlie the Champ

Hi To all at Jerry Green, Charlie & his new family we would like to say a massive thank you for allowing us to adopt him,  he is a dif...
12/09/2013 20:30 - North Lincolnshire

Beautiful Tuai

Hi, Tuai here... I was adopted from N Lincs recently & I’m a happy girl. Loving my squashy new bed & playing ball with my ne...
09/09/2013 20:03 - North Lincolnshire

Joyful Jack

Hi,   Jack has been brilliant! He's settled in so well, no problems at all. The garden does now look like the surface of the moon but ...
07/09/2013 21:38 - Nottinghamshire

Ruby with her family

Hi This is a photo of Fudge;  I have attached one of her with my little boy;  they are best friends :) We have also renamed her Ruby.&nb...
04/09/2013 00:04 - Nottinghamshire

Toby knows his place

  Hi This is where Toby prefers to sleep; not a lot of room left for us!! He is absolutely gorgeous and makes us very happy, cannot believe no ...
03/09/2013 22:03 - East Yorkshire

Adorable Audrey

Hello Just a quick message to say thank you so much for introducing us to Audrey. After only 2 days she is already eating like a horse and running...
03/09/2013 21:30 - North Lincolnshire

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