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Toby knows his place

  Hi This is where Toby prefers to sleep; not a lot of room left for us!! He is absolutely gorgeous and makes us very happy, cannot believe no ...
03/09/2013 22:03 - East Yorkshire

Adorable Audrey

Hello Just a quick message to say thank you so much for introducing us to Audrey. After only 2 days she is already eating like a horse and running...
03/09/2013 21:30 - North Lincolnshire

Beautiful Bruce at Home

Hi Hope all is well, Here are a couple of pictures of Bruce Bruce was adopted from the Notts centre as a puppy and has grown into a...
03/09/2013 20:06 - Nottinghamshire

Missy loving life

  Hi Here is Missy we rescued from Broughton 2 years ago; she is still going strong but getting old We were told when we ado...
21/08/2013 22:47 - North Lincolnshire

Missy makes it home

Notts manager Sapphire says... Just had some lovely feedback from Mr Jackson the adopter of Missy who has been adopted after 6 years in rescue ...
20/08/2013 20:48 - Nottinghamshire

Rosie - at last a loving home

Hi   Ged and Debbie here who re-homed Rosie the little Staffy on Saturday. Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all and to let you kno...
08/08/2013 22:07 - North Yorkshire

Lacie loves her Life

LAYLA now Lacie   Dear Everyone - Especially Julie! Lacey had a good first day exploring her surroundings.  She was a little reluc...
08/08/2013 22:04 - East Yorkshire

Heni is a happy girl

Tammy is now Heni   Hi everyone, It's been two weeks since we got Heni, she's doing really well. She's put on a kilo and is eating really wel...
08/08/2013 22:00 - East Yorkshire

The Adventures of Miss Pippy Flea

After a bad start in life and lots of TLC by Jerry Green staff, Miss Pippy has a wonderful home ...   Pippy’s Mum writes:  23/7/...
04/08/2013 23:28 - East Yorkshire

Kenny's super adventure

 Hi, Here are a few pics of Kenny settling into his new home. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him, he is such a great dog and we all lov...
04/08/2013 22:51 - Nottinghamshire
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