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Truffles settles in

Here is a pic of Truffles.  As you can see she has settled in so well; we love her to bits and she loves us back. She is very loyal...
13/05/2013 14:23 - South Lincolnshire

Ozzy enjoying Home Life

Hi   Just wanted to let you know that Tyson is getting on well. We have changed his name to Ozzy and he is responding well to it. He can s...
02/05/2013 21:16 - Nottinghamshire

Rosie & Tilly have fun

Here is Rosie rescued from Broughton rescue centre about a year ago. She went on holiday to Devon and Dorset within 3-4 weeks of being adopted and ...
02/05/2013 20:30 - North Lincolnshire

Tilly enjoying Life

Hi Just to send you a photo of Tilly that we got from you on the 23/7/2010. She is now coming up for her 7th birthday. She still loves her ball a...
30/04/2013 19:45 - South Lincolnshire

Peppy la plonk settles in

Hi Just to let you all know Peppy has settled in well. He is having his ears cleaned without the muzzle and goes on plenty of walks. Pepp...
23/04/2013 15:01 - North Lincolnshire

Dodge settled in his family

Hi all Well a year has passed and Dodge is getting on great. He is very much one of the family and is a happy pampered pooch. We thank you fo...
16/04/2013 15:26 - South Lincolnshire

Poppy's Perfect Place

Hi Lynne & all the team. Poppy has settled in extremely well thankyou. She made herself at home straight away , ran around the house with g...
12/04/2013 17:15 - North Lincolnshire

Digger's Dreams

Dear All at Jerry Green Thought you might like to see a few pictures of one very contented "Digger" who has settled in wonderfully. Thank you all...
01/04/2013 15:07 - North Yorkshire

Sumo goes home

 Here we have it!  What we have all hoped for. A picture of Sumo, leaving for his new home. He has had a lovely first night, met all the f...
31/03/2013 21:12 - South Lincolnshire

Sparky settles in

Family tell us... What a wonderful dog! He settled down very quickly – by mid afternoon of his first day. He had a good look around the house a...
31/03/2013 20:57 - South Lincolnshire
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