Jerry Green

Dylan settles in to his new home

31/03/2017 10:52 - North Yorkshire

An update from Dylans new hoomans!

''Dylan continues to amaze us and melt our hearts! Everybody loves him and walks take forever with all the pets from passerby he's such a charmer!

He's coping well when I leave him for work and now enjoys the full run of the downstairs whilst we're out! We've been enjoying walks with him off lead which he loves as he needs to run ( and boy can he go!)- He returns for a treat and in response to his squeaky toy which he can't resist! He's responding well to his training and we couldn't be more happy.

We're also happy with how he's getting on with the cat .. they are happy to be in the same room and no more spats as they pass each other!!!

We will visit soon x ''

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