Jerry Green

Shep & Islay

31/03/2017 10:59 - North Yorkshire

''Shep and Islay are doing great, both still have a bark at the pigeons!!  

We are teaching them both short lead when we are on footpaths as opposed to long lead when in fields or canal/river bank – Shep is really taking to it very well and he appears far more focused for example the command to sit at the kerb side is instantaneous.  Islay is very good on the lead and is happy to do short lead and sits on “Down” command at kerb side.

They had their first visit to the village pub at the weekend which went very well – Shep just gets all the attention as you can imagine but Islay is far more reserved and so I protect her with training treats!!!!!

So all in all they are settling in well and we have discovered that they enjoy play fighting with each other which I am sure is a sign that they are happy with us and their surroundings.''

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