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Woody Need's a Home

21/07/2017 10:17 - South Lincolnshire

Looking for a new best friend?


Jerry Green Dog Rescue in South Lincolnshire are launching a very special appeal this week to help find one of their very special dog’s a forever home.

Woody is a fantastic dog with a lot of love to give. He is a 1 year old crossbreed who originally came to us from the stray kennels, which means we have no history from him. Woody started his Jerry Green Journey heartbreakingly scared of people and dogs, which led us to believe that he may have been mistreated in the past. Since then Woody has come on in leaps and bounds, quite literally. Always pleased to greet the staff here and have cuddles and play time. Now Woody adores people and is finally ready to put his trust back into a new human and find his forever home.


Sadly Woody is approaching 6 months looking for a home with us, having received no offers of a home. We can’t really understand why this is, as woody would make someone a great best friend. Fundraiser Elizabeth tells us more “Woody is very much breaking our hearts here at the rescue, because everyday we see his training improve and his behaviour get so much better than how it was when he first arrived. He is such a clever boy and we can see him working so hard to prove himself a good dog for someone, unfortunately he isn’t seeing it pay off in the shape of a lovely home for him. We are desperate to get Woody the happily ever after he deserves, so we are heading to the papers and social media to see if we can get the attention of his perfect match.”


Woody would prefer an adult only home with no other pets. He is a fantastic dog who would make someone an amazing best friend, he is a great listener, fantastic mood lifter with boundless energy and enthusiasm. We promise you, if you rescue Woody, he will rescue you right back.

To book a visit to meet this handsome chap call the South Lincolnshire team on 01205 260546 or email

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