Jerry Green

Budgie Bum Bums

Rescue Centre
South Lincolnshire
Reserved Reserved
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Approximate Age
9 years 3 months old
31 January 2017


House Trained House Trained
This dog is house trained.
Dog Friendly Dog Friendly
This dog can be homed with other dogs.
Cat Friendly Cat Friendly
This dog can be homed with cats.


Budgie is such a sweet old gent who is always happy to say hello to everyone he meets. He would really appreciate a home where there is someone around most of the day for him to give him lots of love and attention. He really enjoys going out for walks and is very gentle on his lead.

Budgie has been mixing with other dogs and seems to enjoy there company, he enjoys just having a potter around with them but can get a little invasive of there space. He would find playful dogs a little much. Ideally he would enjoy a home all to his self where he gets to continue to meet dogs when out and about.

Whilst in his foster home Budgie has encountered a cat during a walk, he didn't seem to phased by the cat, so he may be able to live with a dog savvy cat after completing a cat test in the home.

Budgie is a true gentleman, he is a sensitive boy who will flourish in a calm, quiet home where he can get in to a routine to feel secure.


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