Jerry Green


Rescue Centre
South Lincolnshire
Reserved Reserved
Approximate Age
1 year 8 months old
30 June 2017


Dog Friendly Dog Friendly
This dog can be homed with other dogs.
Child Friendly Child Friendly
This dog can be homed with children.


Sooty is a lively, young girl. She enjoys playing and walks and having lots of fuss and games with people. She is quite an active character and would enjoy a home where she can have lots of attention, she loves being in the spotlight. Sooty loves things to do, so an adopter who likes to go on walks and have fun would be perfect for her!

Sooty has been socialising with similar sized dogs at the centre and could potentially live with another dog after successful introductions and making friends. She can be quite playful and does love to play chase games and have fun with another dog, so she could be too much for a calmer, older dog.

Sooty is a sweetheart and enjoys attention, she could potentially live in an adult or a family home with sensible children who will play lots of fun games but also give her time on her own when she wants to relax and have a snooze for a bit.

If you think you could offer Sooty the home she is looking for, please contact the centre on 01205 260546.


Registered with Fundraising Regulator

The Jerry Green Dog Rescue is registered under The Charities Act 1960 No 1155042

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